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Council Proclaims Multi-Cultural Week

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WHEREAS Saskatchewan Multicultural Week is celebrated each November during the week that includes November 22nd with the Saskatchewan motto From Many Peoples Strength; and WHEREAS Saskatchewan was the first province to enact multiculturalism legislation in 1974, recognizing the right of every community to retain its identity, language, and traditional arts and sciences for the mutual benefit of citizens; and WHEREAS in 1997, the Act was revised and a section of the Act states that th... More...

Nurture the Cultural Life in Your Community!

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Inspiring creativity can be a unique and innovative way to bring more people together, build social capital, and ultimately community! Holding a craft fair, community theatre performance, ethno-cultural marketplace, beading workshop, museum open house, talent show, dance demonstration, artist studio tour, film screening or heritage walk are just a few cultural activities known to bring people in communities together...and build a vibrant future for Saskatchewan! If you are interested in s... More...

2012 Culture and Heritage Forum

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I am sitting in a beautiful room in Saskatoon in the Bezz--It is a large forum with more than 100 people representing 32 communities. The purpose of this forum is to teach us as a municipality how to do a cultural plan and how doing so can help develop the community. It is a good forum--and helps me understand that Oxbow is truly on track. On our last Quality of Life Survey several Culture and Heritage projects were brought forth--and those projects have become an integral part of our communi... More...
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