Creating a Screen Capture

Creating a Screen Capture

Posted on Friday March 16, 2007 at 12:12PM

In this post I will discuss two ways you can capture images from your computer screen. First I discuss a very simple but limited method. The second method is also simple but much more powerful.

Why do you want to capture images from your computer screen?

Some of you may be wondering how I created the images used in my cheat sheets. Perhaps you would like to create some of your own cheat sheets or customize the ones I’ve created?

Screen capture can also be very useful for:

  • presentations
  • brochures
  • Point of use guides
  • flyers
  • etc

Method 1:
A simple but rather cumbersome way of doing this is by simply pressing the Print Screen or PrtScn button on your keyboard and then pasting the captured image into a word document. Lost? Try these step by step instructions:

1) locate the Print Screen button on your keyboard
2) Make sure the image you want to capture is visible on your computer monitor
3)Press the Print Screen button (PrtScn)
4) Open the application you want to edit the image in - like Word or Photoshop
5) Paste in your new image by pressing Ctrl+V or using the Edit and Paste function in your application.

Like so:





Once you paste your document into an application like Word you can crop it, write on it and otherwise manipulate the image using that applications drawing tools.

Method 2:

The second and more powerful way of capturing and manipulating images from your computer screen is to use the software titled Snagit. There are likely other products out there but I have found this one to be both intuitive, cheap and extremely powerful.

You can download a free 30 day trial of Snagit from the TecSmith website. If you want to buy the product when you are done trying it out its relatively cheap at about 40$.

Benefits of using Snagit:

  • Easily capture scrolling pages
  • capture menus
  • capture selected areas of the screen
  • directly send your captured and doctored image to Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Save your captures as Gif files for quick loading times
  • Capture images of webpages complete with functioning links
  • and on and on..

I won’t go into details on how to use Snagit - I found the program really intuitive. However, if you would like some in depth training with Snagit for you or your staff give me a call and we can discuss possibilities.

Happy Screen Capturing

Author: Northern Lights Library System


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