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Posted on Friday August 05, 2016 at 08:30PM

 This Huffington Post (<>) article explores the concept of culinary tourism around the world, noting that it's become a popular phenomenon with travelers everywhere.
"There's a growing population of travellers that have become more interested in the various cuisines and cultures from countries all over the world, and are planning vacations specifically to incorporate culinary trips. One of the reasons for this evolution has been wine, beer and food festivals. Toronto's Caribana Festival is a good example. Now in its 47th year it's expected to draw over one million tourists from all over the world, much the same as New Orlean's Mardi Gras and Brazil's Carnival."  
Recently, culinary tourism has also moved into our rural communities and we are very excited about this here at the Go East of Edmonton office. 
Following are some of the culinary tours and events coming up in the East of Edmonton region throughout the rest of the year; we hope you can make it to some (or all!) of them. 
Elk Island National Park invites you to the Bison Festival on August 13th from noon until 5:00PM.  This event is a celebration of the conservation and culture of the bison, once nearly lost in North America, as well as an excellent cuisine experience.  Don't miss it!
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