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October is Canadian Library Month and here at the Mannville Library we'd like to know why you choose to visit us. Are you picking out a book, a movie, using the computers or needing the assistance from our staff? Whatever the reason we'd love to hear it. We have a bulletin board at the entrance which we would like you to write your reason on. By the end of October we hope to have a full board. Reading opens not only our minds but our imagination. More...

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The Friends of the Mannville Municipal Library are selling CFL Grey Cup Pull Tickets for $2.00 each. In case you are new to the pull tickets, when you purchase your tickets you write your name and address on the top portion of the ticket and we pull out the bottom section which reveals your score. Prizes are $125.00 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter if your score matches that of the score of the game at the end of each quarter and $300.00 if your score matches that of the final score at the end of... More...

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You are invited to attend the Fall Fashion Event provided by Shine and the Mannville Centennial Public Library. Vicky Marshall, owner and supporter of SHOP LOCALLY, will be coordinating the Fashion Show by inviting local based vendors to participate and asking members of the community to model for them. The Mannville Library will be providing the snacks/appetizers, various specialty teas and coffees and punch which will be a fundraiser for the library. Tickets are available from Shine and... More...

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