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Are you concerned about how much water your household is using? Over the next month we will be sharing some statistics to consider, plus the top 4 tips to conserve water in your home or business. More...

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Please note that building and development permits from the Town of Oxbow are MANDATORY in ANY of the following cases:

• Where there is a structural change to the building;
• Where there are electrical changes;
• Where the structure will be attached to the ground;
• Where the structure will be greater than 100 square feet;
• Where the structure will be greater than $5,000 in value;
• For all demolitions.

This includes, but is not limited to houses, decks,... More...

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Attention: Rural Municipality of Enniskillen No. 3 Ratepayers

The RM of Enniskillen invites their ratepayers to sit on the District Planning Commission. One (1) member at large is welcome to participate on the advisory board, which shall be jointly appointed by the Councils of the Rural Municipality and the Town of Oxbow, who have an interest pertaining to community planning in the District.

If you are interested in sitting on this committee, please phone 306-483-2277 or email... More...

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The 2017 budget is now complete and attached is the link to the 2017 Property Tax Levy, which has been passed by Council. Property owners will receive their tax notices by the first week of July. More...

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Please note that the Town of Oxbow is no longer able to locate pins to determine property lines. We recommend that you contact a locating or survey company to provide this service. More...

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2017 is a province-wide property re-assessment year through the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA). Assessment notices have been mailed to all property owners. We encourage you to review your assessment notice and ensure it is correct. Property owners have 60 days from the date that assessment notices are mailed to address any concerns that they have. The contact information for SAMA is located directly on your notice.

Residents may question how this impacts their property... More...

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Snowfall in the first couple of weeks of March has increased the Alameda Reservoir inflow forecast. As such we are required under the terms of the 1989 Canada-US- Agreement to bring the reservoir down to 558.0 m prior to the start of runoff. On March 17, 2017 we will increase the release rate to 5m³/s and on Monday March 20, 2017 it will increase to 10m³/s. If necessary the total out flow will be increased to 15m³/s. Please use caution when on or near the ice at all times.

For more... More...

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With the recent release of 2016 Stats Canada Census information we learned that the highest growth in population has occurred in the western provinces, the first time in history. In Saskatchewan, the population rose 6.3% from 2011 and 2016. The province's population growth rate was above the national average for the second consecutive census period.

The Town of Oxbow is no exception, seeing an increase of 3.3% to our population from 2011 to 2016. The town's population now stands at 1328. The... More...

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The Town of Oxbow is pleased to announce that it will be receiving funds through the Federal Government's Clean Water Waste Water fund, as announced today in Regina. This funding will be directed towards the recently completed sewage project. The costs on this sewer upgrade were higher than anticipated so these funds will help to ensure that the project comes in at budget. Residents directly impacted by the sewage project will not pay higher than was was originally quoted to them.

... More...

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