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This article originally appeared in the Carlyle Observer, June 27th, 2019
By Mary Moffat

The Sustainability Project held three events in the week leading up to its Grand Opening on June 21.

In the spirit of building the kind of community where people love to live, the events were geared to catering to your soul.

The June 18th evening hosted Montmarte author, Christalee Froese of the More Joy Project. Froese shared things learned as she discovered her Journey to Joy. The book titled “... More...

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This article was originally printed in the Carlyle Observer June 13th, 2019

Photo and Article by: Mary Moffat

The audience at Cornerstone Theatre was held spellbound by the performance of Manitoba Hal on Friday, June 7. Hosted by the Sustainability Project, this guitarist, songwriter and ukulele player used a combination of looping technology to create a concert few will forget. His sense of humour and interactive style combined with fingerpicking and strumming, had toes tapping and folks... More...

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The Sustainability Project is proud to nominate long-time community volunteer and leader, Ron Paul for the Rural Community Leadership Award from the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism. This award is given to an older adult who best exemplifies the qualities of leadership within a rural community - integrity, vision, dedication, and the respect of others; and, who regularly participates in establishing and supporting activities in rural Saskatchewan.
Ron Paul has lived in the Town of Carlyle... More...

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When I was doing research for my applied research paper (ARP) I researched the history of two communities, Manor, and Carlyle. I wanted to see why they developed so differently, but in doing so, learned so much more. People have always, always complained that their taxes were way too high. Always. In fact, several beliefs about local government seem to have emerged that I think contributes to the over all us and them attitudes that plague the municipal governments, and the main one is the... More...

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"The Rising Tide Lifts All the Boats" is a phrase made popular by JFK but was not original to him. The phrase is used most often by politicians to make the claim that if one area in an economy is prosperous, then we can assume all people benefit. I don't think it is that simple. I think that in order to be beneficial, community economic plans need to be designed to deliberately improve the circumstances of all who live within that community. Good economic planning needs to include the well... More...

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For years now, I've been providing services quietly out of my home office in a spare bedroom of our home in Carlyle, Saskatchewan. It has been a good run, and I've enjoyed the work. Now, with the MBA almost (please let me get it done on time) finished, I've made the radical leap to move my business to a great space on Carlyle Main Street. Why now? It is a business based on community services, and it needs a spot in the community. And, this is a great space.

The vision is this...bright... More...

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This past weekend, Carlyle had an event that was created by volunteers, funded by donation and provided at no cost to the community. Wowzers. It was a gift that showcased the good things about living in a small town. Add in some food trucks, some live music, and a main street beer gardens, and you have such a great pay off.

Lets think about this for a minute, people who didn't have to, gave up their time and their resources to give the community a great time. Gratitude should be a given.... More...

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It can be done. There are economical reasons why it should be done. There are lots of ways other communities are doing it. But, and its a big but (see what I did there?) a community cannot be saved if there is no "community" to rebuild.

Community starts with the people who live there. Here are some things I've observed, learned, been taught and paid attention to:

1. It takes good people on Council who are willing to make changes.
Being on Council is a tough, tough job, when you do it... More...

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In 1926, in Manor, Council recorded in their minutes a tax exemption for back taxes and further taxes exempted for a Mrs. (name withheld) because the house in question was being run as a 'maternity home' also known as a home for unwed mothers. The tax exemption was to apply "for as long a time as she continues on as a maternity home."

Thus, off I go, down the rabbit hole.

Let me explain. The purpose of my research is to compare these two communities and figure out why today one community... More...

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I am writing my ARP (Applied Research Paper) for my MBA in Community Economic Development (CED). I've been working towards this final assignment for 4 years--and I am having a blast. As part of my research, I am reviewing Council Minutes in both Carlyle and Manor, beginning my comparison in 1925--the first year for which there are comparable records. It is my hope that by learning about the impacts historical decision making--with the benefit of hindsight--I can learn what practices work to... More...

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