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ANY website on TownLife can become a Hub - this is a powerful additional module that allows your website to showcase information shared by your members! Commonly referred as a web portal, you become the central location of member information.

Allow the public to submit information to your website - inviting and increasing participation.
Present member events automatically within your event calendar!
Imagine every member updating their event, keeping your website automatically accurate.
When an event is selected on your website the visitor is sent to the source, increasing exposure for your members.
Links strengthen your Search Engine placement and increase traffic for both you and your members.

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Community Leadership

“The old answers do not fit the new questions and challenges, so all of us who care about building and renewing community must begin with the premise that this is the biggest job in town and no one section, no one government, no one industry, can mobilize citizens ... to create the new community, the inclusive community that embraces all its people. ”

Frances Hesselbein, p.177

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