Oxbow students on the move

Posted on Thursday March 31, 2011 at 02:23PM

written by Sylvia MacBean as published in the Oxbow Herald on March 21st.

Friday was a special day for the students of Oxbow's Prairie Heights High School and Oxbow Elementary School. The students said goodbye to their old school facilities forever, and moved into their new school called Oxbow Prairie Horizons School. Plans for Oxbow's Prairie Horizon's school were announced back in 2006. Construction was hampered by wet weather, and a shortage of construction workers, who kept leaving when they found high paying jobs in the nearby oil fields.

"The move today went well. We were really happy with all the students, staff and volunteers who came out today to help us move in to our new K-12 school," said Principal Jason Petlak.

"It's exciting moving into a brand new facility. It's a big facility as well. I'm excited about gettin in and starting classes next week," Petlak said. "It's a k-12 facility plus the functionality integrated progra. The functionally integrated program takes in the special needs students as well."

The Oxbow New School Fundraising Committee did a phenomenal job when they raised over $1 million through donations, grants and raising fudns to build a multi-purpose room, and expand the original gym size. Some of the money will be used to enhance the learning and social environments for Oxbow Prairie Horizon's School.

Tami Scott is the chairperson of the Oxbow New School Fundraising Committee.

"We did a corporate campaign. We approached businesses in Oxbow and the surrounding communities and they were very generous. We also asked for personal donations. We raised funds by holding events and activities over the past two years, as well as applying for grants," Scott said.

"We did lots of letter writing and phoning campaigns and we had newsletters sent home through the schools. We sold engraved bricks and that was a big initiative through the schools. They will be incorporated into a wall in the school yard. As well people who donated more than $1,000.00 will have their name placed on a donor wall inside the school.

"We also raised funds for playground equipment, electronic signage for out in front of the school, and we will be doing some landscaping so we're buying shrubs and trees. We are assisting in making an outdoor classroom. We purchased FM systems for the classrooms. We purchased a special floor covering for the gym so that people could come in for public events withouth wrecking the floor and many other items," said Scott.

Scott said the Fundraising Committee is still accepting donations which can be sent to the Oxbow Prairie Horizons School in Oxbow, SK. S0C 2B0

Author: Town of Oxbow


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Old school

I went to a school in Oxbow back in 1953-54. Could you tell me what street or avenue it was on back then. I seem to only get the new school address on google maps. Thanks so much. You would find my picture on the 1954 school class pictures for i think grade two.Way to many people places and yes even countries since then,haha! Thanks David Donaldson.

Posted on Thursday October 02, 2014 at 01:38PM by David Donaldson

About the Old School

The school you are referring to was on the location on which the new school now sits. You can find it on:
Thank you for visiting our site :).

Warmest Regards,

Posted on Thursday October 02, 2014 at 03:51PM by Lorri Matthewson

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