Local State of Emergency

Posted on Tuesday March 24, 2020 at 06:13PM

The Town of Millet assures residents that the decision to declare a Local State of Emergency was to follow mandates as provided by the Emergency Management Act and the Public Health Act so that we can enforce those acts in our municipality, if needed.

This does not change anything here in Millet at this time, other than we now know that we have availability to resources and help, in the event we may need it.

There have been no confirmed cases in the Town of Millet, we are being proactive to ensure we are prepared for the worst, but still praying for the best.

We care deeply about this community and want to ensure we do every possible thing to ensure we are not missing out on any resources we may need.

We continue to ask residents to please stay home, this is the most important role you can all play in this! And when you do have to venture to get supplies, please practice social distancing and be respectful to those who are still out there working the front lines.

If we all work together to contain this, we can decrease our risk, but we need to work together for this to happen.

Lisa Schoening, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Millet

Author: Town of Millet


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Did You Know?

The Town of Millet was named in honour of August Millet, who was believed to be a canoeist for Father Lacombe.