Quality of Life Survey Results in New Projects

Posted on Wednesday February 29, 2012 at 04:59PM

So...when we did the Quality of Life Survey in August, our community responded! And based on those responses, the Community Development Officer has these priorities in the upcoming year, in no particular order. Priorities shift often depending on funding and community support:

Community Development:

  • Begin work on the Official Community Plan
  • Look at recycling models for people who want to cash in their can or bottles
  • Investigate both residential and municipal composting programs and provide information to councils
  • Apply for community awards
  • Champion community events
  • Create a beautification committee for the downtown core
  • Work on the housing issue
  • Prepare a package to entice people to build a hotel
  • Work with the OBA as necessary to provide supports
  • Investigate drug free community models to see if we can appy the principles in Oxbow
  • Work with community to establish a farmer's market
  • Write Progress with Pride piece
  • Host Volunteer Appreciation Day
  • Create recruitement plan for trades people


  • Meet with Carnduff to form a regional advertising pln
  • Implement the Tourism Plan
  • Set up a workshop on how to market events
  • Do a survey and engage community to see if there is support for the Riverboat

Culture and Recreation

  • Develop a walking tour of our heritage sites including but not limited to the United Church, the Medicine Wheel, the Greer Block, the Anglican Church, the Wigmore Residence, the NWMP Jail, the 'haunted' cemetary, the Artisan Well, and the Centotaph
  • Work with the existing museum committee to support the committees and to come up with a plan to support their needs
  • Work with ball diamond revitalization committee to restore the bathrooms in the park

There is so much more but that is all I have room for in this space. For a full list, please contact Lorri Solomon, Community Development Officer at 483-2747

Author: Town of Oxbow


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