Making Oxbow Beautiful

Posted on Tuesday July 03, 2012 at 02:22PM

Beautiful communites are described as those with at least a 50% green space canopy. That means if you flew over a community in a plane, you should see as much green as you do anything else. There should be interesting architecture, well-kept industrial and residential yards, and an effort should be made to celebrate the history of the place.

Making a community beautiful increases property values, increase tourism, and help attract business investment. The Town's 'look' helps distinquish it from other Towns. What distinguishes Oxbow? What does the appearance of our community tell people who are coming through our community?

You might be surprised. When CTV came through they had lots to say about the beautiful valley and the new school, and how they our Town was pretty.

But we could do more.

There are lots of projects we could work on together to make the community beautiful. If anyone is interested in the community beautification project, please call Lorri, the Community Development Officer at 306-483-2747.

Author: Town of Oxbow


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