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To: Southeast Communities, Recreation Practitioners and Cultural Organizations

From: Nicole Clow, Coordinator

Date: April 16, 2013

Re: Recognize the Contributions of Local Volunteers in your Community!

Southeast Connection Sport, Culture & Recreation District recognizes that volunteers make all of our lives better and that they are a huge part of the sport, culture and recreation industry. Southeast Connection is offering your community or organization an opportunity to... More...

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Below is information if you are an employer looking for financial help to hire a summer student. If you would like an application, please call Lorri at 306-483-2747, or contact: Student Summer Works, 1870 Lorne St. Regina, SK. S4P 2L7 or visit Student Summer Works (SSW)
Summer Student Works

A key priority for the Ministry of the Economy is ensuring students with employment barriers can gain work experience to build their employment capacity.

The Student Summer Works... More...

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The Town of Oxbow and RM of Enniskillen are looking for ways to celebrate Tourism Week in Saskatchewan! Any thoughts on how we can promote Tourism? We already know from our last Quality of Life Survey that our community values our beautiful valley. The Ball Diamond Restoration Commitee is working hard to restore the ball diamonds, and the Museum will soon be open for visitors. It doesn't look like it now, but spring is definately coming. More...

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Sask Water Security Update
Rafferty Dam flow being increased to 30 Cubic Meters per Second
Alameda Dam flow increased to 20 CMS
Boundary Dam is currently at 6 CMS More...

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The purpose of this program is to train and mentor young people so that they can lead active play at recess time with a positive behavior and attitude. Youth in grades 6-9 are taught leadership skills and games and aren then asked to take these games and skills and use them out on the playground or in the gym. Take the Lead! Outcomes: Youth leaders demonstrate leadership qualities and self confidence Children are physically active for a minimum of 30 minutes per day There are safe active... More...

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The following link will help you to understand your assessment: More...

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Source: 2012 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity and Youth PLAY HAS BEEN CALLED THE BUSINESS OF CHILDHOOD It comes in many forms, but is generally freely chosen, spontaneous, self-directed and fun. Play allows children and youth of all agest to try new things, test boundaries, learn from their mistakes and, perhaps most importantly, enjoy being active. And while active play is fun, it's certainly not frivolous. One Ontario study showed that... More...

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Update from Sask Water Security regarding outflow from dams.
Rafferty was increased to 12 cms (cubic meters per second) yesterday. Up to 14 on Monday and 16 on Wednesday.
Alameda Dam is increased to 4 today, 9 on Monday and 14 on Wednesday. Please stay off the ice!! More...

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1. Cost Effective Advertising:

Trade shows offer budget friendly solutions to market your brand and sell your product. With a simple booth, some technological accessories and selling charm, conventions offer simple, inexpensive ways to get your brand on the market.

2. Target Market

Trade shows pull in a highly targeted market that is vastly interested in your product. Even though the event is only one day,... More...

Monday March 18, 2013 12:20PM - 0 Comment(s) For more information, please check out this website. More...

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