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The Expressway Family Centre in Oxbow is excited to offer Spidey Sports - an after school recreation program beginning on Wednesday September 16.
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Sunday September 13, 2015 10:07PM - 0 Comment(s)

Our Fall Program Guide is now available!

After a fabulous summer (pictures to come soon!) we are excited to get back into the routine of regular... More...

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All Recyclables in One Cart!
Your Carts will be Exchanged on May 14th

1st Pickup Day is May 25th


Tuesday March 31, 2015 09:00AM - 0 Comment(s)

At long last the Expressway Family Centre has a website! Thanks for stopping by to visit us! Check out our calendar for a list of all our upcoming... More...

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Monday September 29, 2014 10:57AM - 0 Comment(s)

Learn how to transform your rink into a flourishing facility!!

To learn more about programs through the Southeast Connection, please contact Joni... More...

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Annual deadline--April 15 & November 15

Supports south east municipalities and organizations to purchase equipment for the implementation and... More...

Tuesday September 09, 2014 03:07PM - 0 Comment(s)

Supports sport, culture, and recreation organizations to help cover the deficit of new or existing programs, clinics or workshops. Apply up to a... More...

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Inspiring creativity can be a unique and innovative way to bring more people together, build social capital, and ultimately community! Holding a... More...

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