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Career Title: RFP - Develop Mixed Use Industrial Park Initiative
NAICS Code: Construction (23)
Job Term: Contract
Modified Date: May 31, 2018
Recruiter: Warburg CAO
Description: This Request for Proposal (RFP) sets out the parameters Warburg desires with respect to RFP2018-0408.
It is the intention of Warburg to hire a contractor to develop the Mixed Use Industrial Park Initiative which includes a:

Business plan:
o Mixed use industrial park opportunity assessment
o A minimum of 10 ‘shovel ready’ business feasibility studies;
o Implementation strategy; and
o Marketing and tenant recruitment strategy.

Site plan:
o Site analysis
Qualifications: Evaluation Criteria

• Responses should be itemized in the same order as indicated in the RFP.

• Responses should explicitly indicate where bidders can meet the parameters outlined in the RFP.

• Warburg invites suggestions, changes and additions that will improve the function of the Warburg mixed use industrial park initiative. Such changes should be listed and detailed.

o Acceptable suggestions will be a consideration in awarding the project. Responses should explicitly indicate where bidders make additions to the parameters indicated in the RFP.
o Responses should explicitly indicate where bidders are unable to meet the parameters defined in the RFP.

The following information must also be provided with the bid:
o Related experience and comparable jobs.
o Personnel to be assigned to this job, their background and related experience.
o Breakdown of person-hours and amount of time invested per person.
o Research methodology and related timelines.

• The contractor must be available to answer any questions about their proposal.

• While cost is not the defining criteria, it will have a significant impact on the vendor chosen during the selection process.

Submissions will be evaluated according to experience with the following:

o Working with rural communities;
o History of previous work of a similar nature;
o Experience of key personnel with work on projects of a similar nature;
o Fee schedule;
o Methodology and ability to meet timeline deliverables.
Salary: $275,000
Education: Previous Experience
Category: RFP
Job Expiry Date: Jun 20, 2018
Company: Village of Warburg
City: Warburg, Alberta
Postal code: T0C 2T0
Country: Canada