How to make a payment to the Town of Millet

The Town of Millet is registered as a Payee for Bill Payments with most major financial institutions.  Please ensure that the correct account number is used when adding the Town of Millet as a Payee.

Please keep in mind some financial institutions may take 2-3 business days to process online payments. 

Taxes: Use your property tax roll as it appears on the notice of assessment.
Accounts Receivable: Use the customer number as it appears on the statement.
Utilities: Use the whole utility account number as it appears on the invoice but without the decimal point.

In some cases the bank may require up to 6 digits for an account number.  If that occurs, please insert zeros in front on the account number.


Did You Know?

 You can pay your bills online! Tax payments, utilities and accounts receivable payments. For more information please click here